Alton June 2019 Results

Below are the results of the June 2019 competition at Alton. Congratulations to all competitors.

This year Overall Points are being awarded as follows: 3 points for Gold, 2 points for Silver and 1 point for Bronze.

Points per school

Overall Contenders Male

Under 10 Male Top 3

  • Ayden Rackley (Ash/Aldershot) (3G/2B)
  • Ryan Hosking-Potton (Alton) (2G/1S/3B)
  • Owen Bourne (Camberley) (2G/1S/1B)


10-13 Male Top 3 (3 in joint 2nd position)

  • Dexter Williams (Crowborough) (5G)
  • Aidan Clift (Ash/Aldershot) (3G/1B)
  • Fin Armstrong (Crowborough) (3G/1B)
  • Ben Todd (Crowborough) (3G/1B)
  • Thomas Leslie (Tonbridge) (2G/2S)


14-17 Male Top 3

  • Christian Mirandah (Ash/Aldershot) (4G/1B)
  • Tom Wall (Tonbridge) (3G/2S)
  • Harley Russell (Alton) (3G/1S/1B)


Adult Male Top 3

  • Ian Dinnis (Crowborough) (4G/1S/1B)
  • Stuart Auchterlonie (Ash/Aldershot) (2G/2S/1B)
  • Colin Faires (Ash/Aldershot) (1G/3S/1B)

Overall Contenders Female

Under 10 Female Top 3

  • Elixir Biron-Monnier (Crowborough) (4G/1B)
  • Sophie Knapp (Alton) (3G/1S/1B)
  • Charlotte Anderson (Redhill) (3G/1B)


10-13 Female Top 3

  • Sophie Watkins (Tonbridge) (4G/1S)
  • Emma Wessels (Tonbridge) (3G/2S/1B)
  • Stanislava Korneva (Crowborough) (4G)


14-17 Female Top 3

  • Jasmine Costelo (Ash/Aldershot) (5G/1S)
  • Jessica Brown (Ash/Aldershot) (2G)
  • Megan Ross (Ash/Aldershot) (1G)


Adult Female Top 3

  • Alexa Phillips (Tunbridge Wells) (4G/2S)
  • Jo Armstrong (Crowborough) (3G/3S)
  • Tara Lawson (Crowthorne) (2G/3S)

Division List

Please note not all awarded medals are shown. Some small divisions would have awarded medals that do not count towards tallies.


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