The All England Taekwon-Do Association is made up of several clubs and instructors dedicated to the art of Taekwon-Do.

British Taekwon-Do Council (BTC) and Sport England Recognised

What We Offer


AETA organise the AETA League, a series of 3 competitions for our members every year. Competitors are tested in four different events, Patterns, Sparring, Special Technique and Power Test.


AETA Seminars are organised for members multiple times a year with access to both the most senior instructors in the AETA and guest expert instructors from around the world .

Senior Gradings

Senior Gradings are conducted by a panel of the most senior instructors in the Association. This ensures the high standards of an AETA Black Belt are maintained across the Association as a cohesive unit.

Clubs that make up the AETA

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This Month’s Round-Up

This is the latest news from AETA. Or you can visit the full Newsroom for more.

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