AETA Umpire Course 2021

On Saturday 25th September the AETA hosted it’s first course since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. This was an umpire course in preparation for the first competition since before lockdown that will take place on 7th November in Crowborough.

The course took place at VMA Fitness, Crowborough and was hosted and presented by Master Lear and Mr Dunn. 25 umpires from Crowborough, Tonbridge, Cranbrook and Tenterden took part in the course where they learnt and practiced how to judge patterns, special technique, power test and sparring. The course lasted 6 hours with everyone getting lots of hands on experience umpiring all of the elements.

The umpires will now have the opportunity to test out their skills at the AETA Championships on Sunday 7th November at the Crowborough Leisure Centre.

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