AETA League 2022 – Haywards Heath Results

Congratulations to all the medalists and participants, we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Medal Table

2ndCambridge TKD221518114
5thAldershot TKD752253
6thAlton TKD67739
7thDe Silva Taekwon-Do Ealing661040

Division Results

Medals which count toward the overall medal tally are shown. Bronze medals in divisions of 3, 2nd Bronze medals in divisions of 4, Silver medals in divisions of 2 and Gold medals awarded in uncontested divisions are awarded to competitors but do not count towards medal tallies and are not recorded.

Individual Results

Under 9s Male

Barnaby Cavell 3G (Alton TKD)
Rex Patterson 2G (Tonbridge)
Daniel Welburn 1G 1S 1B (Camberley)
Laurence Austen 1G 1B (Aldershot TKD)
Edward Frith 1G 1B (Aldershot TKD)

Under 9s Female

Mathilde Lear 2G 1B (Crowborough)
Ria Dani 1G 1S (Camberley)
Olivia Bassett 1G 1B (Aldershot TKD)
Maisie Corke 1G 1B (Crowborough)
Sofia Beinarovica 1G 1B (Crowborough)

9-11 Male

Ryan Hosking-Potton 3G (Crowborough)
Matthew Osterloh 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Alarico IV Bustamante 2G (Camberley)
Joshua Dunn 1G 1S 1B (Tonbridge)
Trey Clarke 1G 2B (Crowborough)

9-11 Female

Sienna Dunn 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Anna Lawson 2G 1B (TATU)
Martha Crompton 2G (Crowborough)
Kasey Stopps 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Gaby Lear & Charlotte Anderson 1G 1S (Crowborough)

12-14 Male

Ben Bradford 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Lewis Billones 2G (Camberley)
Conor Soma Pasztor 2G (Cambridge TKD)
Callum Harrison 2G (Cambridge TKD)
Oskar Kadioglu 1G 2S (Cambridge TKD)

12-14 Female

Eve Redpath 2G 1S (Camberley)
Ruby King 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Kiana Mackie 2G (Cambridge TKD)
Elixir Biron-Monnier 2G (Crowborough)
Rebecca Alexander 1G 1S 1B (Cambridge TKD) & Eloise Jenkins 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)

15-17 Male

Matthew Leadsom 3G (TATU)
Ben Todd 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Ynman Billones 1G 1S (Camberley)
Joseph Cuffe 1G 1S (Tonbridge)
Fionn O’Dwyer 1G 1B (Tonbridge)

15-17 Female

Liv Howard 3G (Cambridge TKD)
Abbie Rackley 2G 1B (Aldershot TKD)
Lulu Harding 2G (Cambridge TKD)
Evie Persad 1G 2S (Tonbridge)
Orla Ralph 1G (Aldershot TKD)

Adult Male

Alarico III Bustamante 2G (Camberley)
Jyothish Nair 2G (Cambridge)
Lee Higgins 2G (Crowborough)
Vaclavs Beinarovics 1G 1S (Crowborough)
Adam Davies 2S 1 B (Cambridge TKD)

Adult Female

Caroline Jenkins 3G (Uckfield)
Naomi Sadoff 2G 1S (Cambridge TKD)
Lynda Efstathiou 2G 1S (Uckfield)
Karina Rodrigues 2S (TATU)
Isabella Hall 2B (Tonbridge)

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