AETA League 2022 – Tonbridge Results

Congratulations to all the medalists and participants, we look forward to seeing you again in Haywards Heath in November!

Medal Table


Overall Medal Table

These are the combined results of both AETA League 2022 competitions.


Division Results

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Medals which count toward the overall medal tally are shown. Bronze medals in divisions of 3, 2nd Bronze medals in divisions of 4, Silver medals in divisions of 2 and Gold medals awarded in uncontested divisions are awarded to competitors but do not count towards medal tallies and are not recorded.

Individual Results

Under 9s Male

Joshua Dunn 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Elliott Bourne 2G 1B (Camberley)
Trey Clarke 1G 2S (Crowborough)
Oscar Bryant 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Felix Tarrant 1G 1S (Tonbridge)

Under 9s Female

Isobel Cuffe 3G (Tonbridge)
Inaayah Siddiq 2G (Tonbridge)
Maisie Corke 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Sofia Beinarovica 1G 1S (Crowborough)
Sienna Fuller 1G 1S (Crowborough)

9-11 Male

Ryan Hosking-Potton 3G (Crowborough)
Lewis Billones 3G (Camberley)
Matthew Osterloh 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Josh Todd 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Ashley Williams 2G (Camberley)

9-11 Female

Lily Corke 2G (Crowborough)
Gabrielle Lear 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Chloe Charteris 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Isabel Lane 1G 1S (Tonbridge)
Eloise Jenkins/Sofia Fuller 1G 2B (Crowborough)

12-14 Male

Oliver Wright 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Ben Bradford 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Fionn O’Dwyer 2G 1B (Tonbridge)
Dexter Williams 2G (Crowborough)
Ben Allman (Tonbridge)

12-14 Female

Emer Harris 2G 1S (Crowborough)
Arabella Bayley 2G 1B (Tonbridge)
Eve Redpath 2G 1B (Camberley)
Elixir Biron-Monnier 2G (Crowborough)
Ruby King/Charlotte Lowery 1G 1S 1B (Crowborough)

15-17 Male

Thomas Leslie 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Ben Todd 1G 1S (Crowborough)
Joseph Cuffe 1G 2B (Tonbridge)
Ynman Billones 1G (Camberley)
Adhveidh Nair 1S 1B (Tonbridge)

15-17 Female

Evie Persad 3G (Tonbridge)
Stanislava Korneva 2S (Crowborough)
Gayatri Nair 1S 1B (Tonbridge)

Adult Male

Alarico III Bustamante 3G (Camberley)
Thomas Edmondston-Low 2G 1S (Tonbridge)
Matt Aston 1G 2S (Crowborough)
Dan Kelly 1S 1B (Crowborough)
Vaclavs Beinarovics 1B (Crowborough)

Adult Female

Caroline Jenkins 1G 1S (Uckfield)

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