AETA League 2024 – Tonbridge Results

Congratulations to all the medalists, overall winners and participants, we look forward to seeing you again in June!

Medal Table


Division Results

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Medals which count toward the overall medal tally are shown. Bronze medals in divisions of 3, 2nd Bronze medals in divisions of 4, Silver medals in divisions of 2 and Gold medals awarded in uncontested divisions are awarded to competitors but do not count towards medal tallies and are not recorded.

Individual Results

Under 9s Male

Roy Czop 2G 1S (Alton/Aldershot)

Under 9s Female

Alana Rackley 2G 1S (Alton/Aldershot)
Alice Kerwin 2G 1S (Tonbridge)

9-11 Male

Massimo Fabbri 2G 1S (Alton/Aldershot)

9-11 Female

Imogen Cox 3G (Crowborough)

12-14 Male

Ryan Hosking-Potton 2G 1S (Crowborough)

12-14 Female

Gaby Lear 3G (Crowborough)

15-17 Male

Milo Grant-Turton 2G 1B (Alton/Aldershot)

15-17 Female

Orla Ralph 2G 1S (Camberley/Farnborough)

Adult Male

David Milloy 3G (Crowborough)

Adult Female

Gayatri Nair 3G (Tonbridge)

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