AETA League – Crowborough 2021

On Sunday 7th November the AETA organised its long anticipated return of Competitions with it’s first championships since March 2020 held in Crowborough.

There were 119 competitors from 7 clubs taking part in our Crowborough event with the competition starting at 10am and finishing by 3.20pm. The Championships included our famous re-qualification system which enables competitors to have another go if they lose a round where they then drop down to the bronze medal draw.

We would like to thank all of our AETA instructors and black belts who participated and assisted throughout the day with umpiring and decision making. Although not everyone can win a medal the event was run with courtesy and respect. The competition was very competitive and we can see has lit the flame again inside many competitors to compete in events and the excitement that brings.

We are very pleased to report that we had no serious injuries throughout the whole day and the face contact for all age ranges was very well controlled in almost all rounds.

You can follow the link below to see the full results and overall results for clubs.

The overall results for individuals are (must win a minimum of 2 golds):

Male Under 10yrs – Trey Clarke (3 Golds)
Female Under 10yrs – Kasey Stopps (2 Golds)
Male 10-13yrs – Ryan Hosking-Potton (3 Golds)
Female 10-13yrs – Gabrielle Lear (3 Golds)
Male 14-17yrs – Ben Todd (3 Golds)
Female 14-17yrs – Millie Thurtle (3 Golds)
Male Adult – Matthew Aston (3 Golds)
Female Adult – No competitor won more than one gold

These overall competitors are now invited to the AETA Gala in January 2022 to receive an overall trophy and celebrate our return to competitive events.

We look forward to the next AETA League event which is planned for 13th March 2022.

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