Free AETA Members’ Seminar

Entry link can be found at the bottom of the page, please read this information first.

On Saturday 7th May the AETA are pleased to be running their first AETA members seminar for two years. This FREE seminar is open to all members of all grades aged 6+ who have a current AETA licence and will take place at Goldsmiths Leisure Centre, Eridge Road, Crowborough TN6 2TN.

Our AETA Senior instructors and National Team members will be running a variety of short training sessions covering all elements of Taekwon-Do that can include Patterns, Sparring, Self-Defence, Board Breaking, Flying Kicks and step sparring etc…

These short sessions will be a great opportunity to learn from our experienced black belts with fast paced interesting sessions. Each participant will get to train with others from different clubs, making new friends and memories.

The sessions will be split by age range, under 12 years will train for the morning only, completing 3 sessions and finishing just after the photos. For those students who are 12 years and above they will have 4 longer sessions throughout the day and finish by 3.30pm with just the black belts remaining for the last session of the day.

The AETA has a rich history of top quality instruction that is unprecedented. Join in the sessions and add to the skills you already have. Participation in this seminar works towards your next grading and is strongly recommended, especially for those looking at black belt promotion this year.


Under 12 years:

8.30am arrival
9.00am Introductions
9.15am Warm up
9.30am Session 1
10.15am Break
10.20am Session 2
11.05am Break
11.10am Session 3
12.00pm Photos

12 years and above:

8.30am arrival
9.00am Introductions
9.15am Warm up
9.30am Session 1
10.40am Break
10.45am Session 2
12.00pm Photos then lunch
1.00pm Session 3
2.15pm Break
2.20pm Session 4
3.30pm Break

Black Belts only:

3.45pm Session 5
5.00pm Finish

The list of instructors teaching and the sessions will be available closer to the time and released here, on email and on our Facebook page.

Parents to drop off their children on arrival and return at the pick up time, for under 12 years the children will finish by 12.15pm after the photos.

Students need to bring their Sparring Gear (if they have it, if not they can still train), also water and a fruit snack (no sweets please) to keep them going. All 12 years and over can bring a lunch with them for the break. There will be adults and black belts staying at the venue during the lunch break for those eating a packed lunch.

We will be taking photos for promotional purposes throughout the sessions. By entering and attending you acknowledge these photos may be used by the AETA for promotional purposes only.

Covid-19: We recommend that you take a lateral flow test on the morning of the event if possible. If you have any symptoms or test positive, please do not attend this event.

Reminder: You will need an active AETA Licence to successful complete the entry process. Parents of AETA Licence holders below 6 years of age should contact their instructor and we’ll examine their eligibility on a case by case basis.

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