AETA Open English Championships 2023

14th/15th October 2023

Medal Tally

This is the Medal Tally for the AETA Open English 2023

1stCambridge Taekwon-Do281716
2ndCrowborough TKD221521
3rdSwift Fox TKD1489
4thNE-Sport Taekwon-Do Club1446
5thTonbridge TKD131519
6thTaekwon-Do Impact1388
7thBournemouth Taekwon-Do12912
9thGMAC Martial Arts939
11thBanstead TKD832
12thGreenwich Taekwon-Do6107
13thExtreme TKD533
14thTATU TKD41111
15thTotal TKD433
16thMains Martial Arts433
18thAffinity TKD313
19thLondinium Fighters232
20thMiles Martial Arts226
21thTunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do134
22thInspiration Taekwon-Do130
23thOaks Martial Arts053
25thWeald TKD001

Overall Trophies

Under 9 Male Overall: Vinnie Tejedo (NE-Sport Taekwon-Do Club) – 3G
Under 9 Female Overall: Lizzy Connolly (Taekwon-Do Impact) – 3G

9-11 Male Overall: Danyal Kadioglu (Cambridge Taekwon-Do) – 2G 1B
9-11 Female Overall: Anna Gurova (Banstead TKD) – 3G

12-14 Male Overall: James Vickers (GMAC Martial Arts) – 3G
12-14 Female Overall: Poppy Richardson (NE-Sport Taekwon-Do Club) – 3G

15-17 Male Overall: Ynman Billones (Swift Fox TKD) – 2G 1B AND Lewis Maftei (Swift Fox TKD) 2G 1B
15-17 Female Overall: Esme Lovegrove (Taekwon-Do Impact) – 2G 1B

Adult Male Overall: Dejah Flores (Taekwon-Do Impact) – 3G
Adult Female Overall: Naomi Sadoff (Cambridge Taekwon-Do) – 2G 1S

36+ Male Overall: Alarico III Bustamante (Swift Fox TKD) – 3G
36+ Female Overall: Caroline Jenkins (Crowborough TKD) – 3G

Complete Results

These are the results from all the divisions for the AETA Open English 2023

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