AETA Seminar 2022

On Saturday 7th May the AETA hosted its FREE members seminar for the first time in 3 years. Over 130 people attended throughout the day from all of the AETA clubs with all the instructors present and teaching. It was a wonderful opportunity to train together in unison.

The groups were split into two with the under 12yrs on one side of the hall and the 12yrs and above on the other. White belts to black belts had the opportunity to train together with new friendships and experiences created.

The first session for the under 12yrs was with Mr Dunn and Mr Hutcheson where they learnt about the application of pattern moves and some fun ways to perform them, then they had a session with Master Chesterman on Flying kicks and Board breaking, finally a session with Mr Arroyo on sparring. The kids were finished by 12 and then just the 12yrs and above stayed until after lunch.

For the 12yrs and above after a rigorous warm up with Mr Arroyo the older students learnt stick against stick with Master Hewlett and Master Lear, they then did a session on step sparring with Mrs Fox Longdon and Mr Fox Longdon, then after lunch a session on Flying Kicks and Board Breaking with Master Chesterman and Mr Nick Edmunds. The last session for the colour belts was a sparring session with Miss Ellena Lobley who put everyone through their paces with a high paced session.

The black belts then stayed for a final session on their grade patterns taken by Master Lear.

All in all the day was a resounding success and it’s at times like these that we are truly grateful for the incredible group of high quality instructors that we have in the AETA.

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