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Masters Promotions

On Sunday 27th February two of AETA Masters, Master Chesterman and Master Hewlett were both promoted to 8th degree by the ITF Technical Committee consisting of Grandmaster Marano and Grandmaster Lan. The promotion took place in Dublin Ireland during the International Instructor Course. Both Masters have been preparing thoroughly for their examination which consisted of

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AETA Gala 2022

On Saturday 29th January the AETA organised its first Gala evening for two years at the Mercure Tunbridge Wells. This was a celebration of the achievements from 2020 and 2021 with 85 people present from all of the AETA Clubs. The evening started with master of ceremonies Steve Lobley giving a short welcoming speech and

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AETA League 2020

On the 15th March, the first AETA league event of the year in Redhill. 230 competitors registered for this event from 12 clubs. There were less spectators than in previous years due to the current situation with Coronavirus. This competition saw the first Team Event held with the clubs entering teams for Special Technique and

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Umpire Course 2020

On Saturday 29th February the AETA held its annual Umpire Course, which was free of charge to its members. 46 students from red belt and above took part in the day course that took place in Ash, Surrey. Attendees revised the rules for judging Patterns, Power Test, Special Technique and Sparring. Lots of time was allocated

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