Who makes up AETA?

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Affinity TKD

In 2015 Mr Arroyo became qualified as an International Instructor and created Affinity TKD teaching classes in Lewes and Heathfield, teaching basic Taekwon-Do and life skills to 3-6 year olds and Taekwon-Do to 7-12yrs and adults.

In July 2018 Mr Arroyo was promoted to 5th Degree and later in 2019 he took over the running on Uckfield Taekwon-Do from his examiner Master Lear. 

Contact: affinitytkd@gmail.com

Monday16:45-17:30Kids TKD 5-7 YearsFramfield, East Sussex
Monday17:30-18:30Kids TKD 8-12 YearsFramfield, East Sussex
Monday19:00-20:30Adults TKD 13+ YearsFramfield, East Sussex
Wednesday16:45-17:30Kids TKD 5-7 YearsUckfield, East Sussex
Wednesday17:30-18:30Kids TKD 8-12 YearsUckfield, East Sussex
Wednesday19:30-20:30Adults TKD 13+ YearsUckfield, East Sussex
Friday16:15-17:00Kids TKD 5-7 YearsHeathfield, East Sussex
Friday17:00-18:00Kids TKD 8-12 YearsHeathfield, East Sussex
Friday19:00-20:30Adults TKD 13+ YearsHeathfield, East Sussex

Swift Fox Taekwon-Do

Swift Fox TKD is a growing club committed to promoting the values and teaching of Taekwon-Do. Whether you are looking to keep fit, learn new skills, compete or just meet some new friends and have a great time, they can help. Swift Fox TKD seeks to value every member and the contributions they bring. By joining, individuals choose to become members of a team and share common goals. Chiefly to help each other to improve and succeed. As team members they understand that not everything can or is meant to be achieved alone.

Contact: swiftfoxtkd@hotmail.com

Wednesday16:00-16:45ITF Kids 3.5-6 YearsCamberley, Surrey
Wednesday17:00-18:00Junior TKD 7-12 YearsCamberley, Surrey
Wednesday18:15-19:15Teens and Adults 13+ YearsCamberley, Surrey
Friday16:00-16:45ITF Kids 3.5-6 YearsHawley, Hampshire
Friday17:00-18:00Junior TKD 7-12 YearsHawley, Hampshire
Friday18:15-19:15Teens and Adults 13+ YearsHawley, Hampshire

Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness

With over 15 years of teaching Taekwon-Do in Tonbridge and throughout Kent, thousands of students have studied ITF Taekwon-Do with Synergy Martial Arts.

Synergy’s Chief Instructor – Mr Tim Dunn – is a 6th Degree Black Belt instructor with over 20 years of experience and is a medallist at both European and World levels. He has been instructing full-time since 2001.

Contact: info@synergytkd.com

Wednesday16:30-17:15ITF Kids 4-7 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Wednesday17:30-18:25Junior TKD 8-11 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Wednesday18:30-19:55Cadets TKD 12-14 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Wednesday20:00-21:30Teens and Adults TKD 15+ YearsTonbridge, Kent
Sunday16:30-17:15ITF Kids 4-7 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Sunday17:30-18:25Junior TKD 8-11 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Sunday18:30-19:55Cadets TKD 12-14 YearsTonbridge, Kent
Sunday20:00-21:30Teen and Adults TKD 15+ YearsTonbridge, Kent

Weald Taekwon-Do

WealdTKD was started in 2015 by Richard Hutcheson who is a BTC registered instructor and affiliated to the All England Taekwon-Do Association. He has been training in Taekwon-Do for 25 years, having stopped training back in 1993 and then starting again in 2008. They are registered with the British Taekwon-Do Council and are the only Martial Arts Club in Tenterden and Cranbrook that is recognised by UK Sport, the National Governing Body for Taekwon-Do.

Contact: Richard.hutcheson@sky.com

Thursday18:00-19:00Junior TKD 7-11 YearsCranbrook, Kent
Thursday19:00-20:00Teens and Adults 12+ YearsCranbrook, Kent
Saturday10:00-11:00Junior TKD 7-11 YearsWoodchurch, Kent
Saturday11:00-12:00Teens and Adults 12+ YearsWoodchurch, Kent

Vision TKD

Vision Taekwon-Do is based in Crowborough, run by Master Philip Lear 7th Degree and his Black Belts. Master Lear has been teaching for 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to his classes having promoted many black belts over the years and having taught thousands of students in Crowborough and the surrounding area. Master Lear has been World Champion twice, European Champion once and World Cup Champion 3 times, he was also Head Coach for the English National Team between 2013 and 2016 overseeing England through one of it’s most successful periods winning over 70 medals at four Europeans and two World Championships. He is on the Board of ITF England, The All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and is also a Board member for the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

Contact: info@vision-tkd.com

Monday16:00-16:45ITF Kids 2 6-8 YearsCrowborough
Monday16:50-17:35ITF Kids 1 4-6 YearsCrowborough
Monday17:40-18:40Junior TKD 8-10 YearsCrowborough
Tuesday15:45-16:30ITF Kids 1 4-6 YearsCrowborough
Tuesday16:35-17:20ITF Kids 2 6-8 YearsCrowborough
Tuesday17:25-18:25Junior TKD 8-10 YearsCrowborough
Tuesday18:30-19:30Cadet TKD 11-14 YearsCrowborough
Tuesday19:35-21:05Adult TKD 15+ YearsCrowborough
Thursday16:00-17:00Junior TKD 8-10 YearsCrowborough
Thursday17:15-18:30Cadet TKD 11-14 YearsCrowborough
Friday15:45-16:30ITF Kids 1 4-6 YearsCrowborough
Friday16:35-17:20ITF Kids 2 6-8 YearsCrowborough
Friday17:20-18:20Junior TKD 8-10 YearsCrowborough
Friday18:25-19:25Cadet TKD 11-14 YearsCrowborough
Friday19:35-21:05Adult TKD 15+ YearsCrowborough

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