Grandmaster Bos Seminar 2022

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th February over 200 Taekwon-Do students from various organisations took part in the first international seminar in England for two years.

The ITF legend Grandmaster Bos and his son Sabum Timothy Bos conducted the seminar for three age groups. On the Saturday in Tunbridge Wells, firstly we had the under 10 years for an hour and a half where over 50 children of all abilities took part. After a fun warm up they had a chance to speak with Grandmaster Bos about Taekwon-Do and then they did some dynamic kicking with Sabum Timothy Bos demonstrating some flying kicks at the end to the children’s amazement.

Next the 10yrs-13yrs had their session that lasted two hours. This time over 60 students took part and pushed themselves very hard to show the Grandmaster how hard they can train. They played some fun warm up games, then did lots of stretching going through Grandmaster Bos’s daily stretching routine. They finished with some pattern moves and fun kicking exercises on gloves. Again Sabum Timothy Bos showed some of his flying kicks at the end of the session.

The third and final session on Saturday was for 14yrs and above, all grades so we had from yellow tag to 8th Degree. It was amazing how Grandmaster Bos managed to engage with all the levels and push everyone to work to their highest level. At the end of the training everyone commented on how energising the session was and how much fun they all had.

On Sunday 6th we had the final session which lasted 3 hours in Tonbridge. Almost 50 black belts took part from 1st degree to 8th degree. After a high energy warm up and intense stretch the students went into patterns, using chon-ji to do-san as a warm up and then Grandmaster Bos focused on two patterns, going into detail of each.

Afterwards Sabum Timothy Bos went through sparring drills and the black belts had the opportunity to get their full sparring equipment on and work with each other.

At the end the black belts had an opportunity to ask questions to Grandmaster Bos, both historical and technical.

Chair of the AETA Master Chesterman presented diplomas and gifts to Grandmaster Bos and Sabum Bos for their amazing seminars and inspiration throughout the weekend.

It really was incredible to get back to training in a seminar environment. Everyone getting to workout with people from other clubs, training hard, having fun and making memories.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Grandmaster Bos and Sabum Bos for an amazing weekend. We would also like to thank everyone who came and supported the event including some notable Masters who trained throughout.

Master McKenna ITF England President
Master Russell Dennis
Master Ken Chesterman
Master David Hodson
Master Wayne Higginson
Master Johann de Silva

We would also like to thank Sabum Yves Pollefeyt who travelled from Belgium to train with Grandmaster Bos.

You can see the photo album from each session here:
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

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